Kamran Afshar Naderi

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Kamran Afshar Naderi is an Iranian-Italian artist, designer and architect who has attended his studies at Conquer Institute of arts (Tehran), Faculty of Fine Arts (at Tehran University) and Faculty of Architecture of Genoa (Italy). He is the co-founder of Memar Magazine and Memar Awards for architecture. He has been a prolific writer and critic of architecture, publishing over 200 articles and co-authored several books. He is a frequent guest lecturer at universities and conferences in several Asian and European Countries.


“The Guardians”, is the name of a new collection of furniture, including a set of tables (Black Panther) and chairs (Jupiter), produced by Villasufia. The prototypes were made of steel sheets. Once the shape of the objects completed, the molds were accurately crafted using the 3D printing machinery. The furniture was entirely produced in fiberglass and carbon fiber. The final finishing included several hands of sanding, puttying and painting.

The zoomorphic form of the collection “Guardians” is based on various animal anatomy studies. Since ancient times, the zoomorphic shapes were broadly used by Iranian artists. The capitals used in the Persepolis complex are a representation of griffin or bulls. The legs of Achaemenid thrones were conceived in the form of a lion’s leg.
The Industrial revolution and the contemporary era, caused a gap between human existence and nature. Animals and the wild world played an important role in the formation of astrology, mythology and culture. Furthermore, the anatomy of wild animals conveys a sense of movement and dynamism, which contributes to giving a household a more jolly and fresh environment considering the fact that furniture tends to be extremely static.

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